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Rachel, Potrero, Costa Rica

My project consists of creating and maintaining a garden where I can grow fresh produce for my community. I will build a stand where I can put out the produce for anyone who is interested in taking it, free of charge. I am collaborating with a local gardener who is very skilled at gardening and agriculture-related subjects to build planters and set up everything. I live in a small town where the two closest grocery stores don’t have much fresh produce available, so this project will help me provide an opportunity for a healthy lifestyle to the people in my community.

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What I like:
I really like to dance, especially ballet and jazz. Whenever I am feeling stressed about something I am able to express how I feel in that moment. It's also a really good form of creative expression because there are so many different kinds of dance and they are all very unique. I also really like to read. It's a way that I am able to use my imagination to focus on something other than what is on my mind at the moment and I am able to learn more about the world around me.
What I Do:
I am determined to always put in my best work into whatever I'm involved in. I want to make sure that even if I am working on something that is not a strong skill of mine that I am always trying my best. I also think that I am a good listener because I always put in the effort to try and understand what people are trying to say. I always want to be understanding of how people feel.
What I Want:
I want to ensure that the people in my community have a place where they can have access to the opportunity to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Through this project, I also want to show my community that every small change makes a difference and that we are stronger when we work together.
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