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CFY Team (Computers for you), Provincia de Guancaste

I’m hoping to achieve a brighter future for the kids in Costa Rica since computers and technology are starting to take over and are mostly the main way of education. I’ll need help from my family in Canada since I will be communicating with them along with cooperation with the Canadian schools.

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Lucas Gurruchaga

What I like:
My manias are: Sports, video games, music, clothes, creativity related to house building. From a young age I've loved sports and I've always played whatever I liked at the time. I would always switch the sport I was interested in, weather it was soccer, football, tennis, surfing or basketball. For the past few years now I've been into basketball and have played on the team for a while now. My parents both played a lot of sports all throughout highschool and were athletic, making me pretty athletic too. Only thing is I'm not very tall but I can jump and run fast which are the things that make up for my height. Another interest I have are video games. I enjoy playing open world games where you can explore the map along with sport games since I'm into sports. NBA 2k is fun although it hasn't been that good of a game in the recent years. Music is another topic I like a lot. I mostly listen to Rap songs along with R&B, and I enjoy freestyling when concentrated in doing activities like homework. I like to add melody to the lines so they aren't so bland. Music truly helps people when their in hard situations which is a reason why I love it so much, it truly inspires people to keep going and gives them a will to live.
What I Do:
About 6 months ago in 2019 I worked at a grocery store in Canada and I developed the skill of staying on task. We all get a little distracted but this taught me to finish everything I need to do first then do what I want after work is done. This skill has helped me to this day, of course I'm not perfect and it's a challenge to always stay on track but I've improved a lot comparing this year to the last. Ways I use this skill is, at my school La Paz in Costa Rica we have a little store in which we sell snacks for the students during snack time and after school hours, but when selling to out students I try to make sure I'm as respectful as I can be which is what I learned from working at the store in Canada. Treat your customers with respect. Another skill I've developed is communication. I've developed it all my life and it's still improving until this day. I use this skill when presenting. Presenting is something that I'm good at and it's derived from my skill of communication. Of course before presenting I may be a little nervous but once I start talking I get in my groove. Another skill I possess is my neat handwriting, this may not be extremely important but it definetely helps out and makes it easy for people to know what I want to say.
What I Want:
I want kids to have a brighter future and I'm doing this by providing public schools with new tecnology like computers. Most public schools in Costa Rica don't have computers at all, and we know that tecnology is the future of education so I want to be the one that turns the way education is right now into a better more effective way of learning by having computers as a tool to use everyday. I want kids to dream and do what they truly want to do in life, tecnology is the first step for that.
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