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team reef, north pacific coast, costa rica

This project aims to plant 5,00 corals in future years, helping reef ecosystems, local communities and fighting coral bleaching events.
Concept development and planing is our priority, help me achieve that goal.

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Team Coral

What I like:
I love anything that has to do with the ocean, wakeboarding, snorkeling, scuba, surfing, fishing... and its wellbeing is one of my priorities. I want to make a positive change and give back to the ocean so that we all can enjoy it for the years to come.
What I Do:
I'm on the route to being a PADI divemaster, getting sufficient experience previous to embarking on the course. I'm also a strong communicator, this allows me to establish connections with different organizations that can help me develop the project and myself to be better. I also have a need to create, I've satisfied this need through music. Learning, performing, and creating music feed this need.
What I Want:
I want to set up a fully functioning reef restoration operation, with a field-based nursery, corals successfully planted in dying reefs, and a for-profit business to fund the restoration effort.
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