Costa De Oro

Team Name/Location

Jose Moreno, Costa Rica

My project opportunity taking the soccer tournamentsports the local schools.
Is a great oppurtunity for the community to build sport relationships after the pandemic. Is aslo a great way for the community to have a good soccer connection.
My mentors are:
My Cas Teacher
My soccer Coach
The Board Director of the School
The afterschool activities organizer

This Collective

Project Owners

Jose Arturo Moreno Luna

What I like:
I like being active, things like soccer, skimboarding, working out and spending time outside with friends. I like running, activitys that involves fisical activitys. This activitys help me in live becuse it a health way to be active and to sociales, during this activitys you develope a lot of skill such as team working, effort discipline, respect and for me the best one is the skill to everytime you lose you go back stronger becuse you learned from your mistakes.
What I Do:
I can organize a soccer tournament where people participate and have fun. I am a very energetic person and someone who never gives up no matter what so I acept this challenge. This can be useful becuse in Costa Rica the involment around soccer is incredible so I want to involve the local schools to join and become together in a tournment. I can also increase the amount of participating of sport cause of the covid in a way to rearange them back where it was before the pandemic.
What I Want:
I want to see the people together playing soccer. There is a lot of things I want from this project but the main ones are people having fun and participating in a heathly way where they challeng themselve in a competive way of a tournament. Also is a good way for the youth to understand the important of practecing a sport at a young age.
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Plan an iniciative meeting for the base of the project


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Soccer balls

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