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cuco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

im just going with the flow.

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Enrique Bustamante

What I like:
I am a pasion driven individual, I'll obsesse over certain topic and develop them till exhaustion. Watersports, cooking, music and gardening are some of my manias. inovationg creatively on those topics are the core of who I am.
What I Do:
I am a 17-year-old creative, music, watersports, the ocean, cooking, and gardening are some of the skills I practice. I learned how to operate medium and small boats as well as cooking by helping out in my parents' business. Gardening and growing food is a skill that my grandmother taught me, and one to which I became very informed. Finally music and the arts, this type of creation I thought myself. Collaborating with other creative minds is what has not only improved my abilities but also expanded my perception of the possibilities.
What I Want:
With this project, I want to design, build, and maintain a garden that feeds the people living in the 4 house development it's situated to prove that eating fresh and healthy is not only better for you but possible.
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