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Geymily, La Paz Community School

To help a refugee family achieve self-sufficiency by contributing to their immediate needs (food, clothing, school uniforms) while working to meet their long-term needs (securing a safe home and stable employment). The purpose is to create a bond with this family to give them hope and let them know they are not alone, we give them support so they can propel their family forward. To help a family refugee become self-sufficient. Be able to provide for themselves. Be free of suffering

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What I like:
I like to draw, I like to go out to watch the sunsets and spend time with my friends. I like music, I can play any instrument. I know that if it's hard for me, I'm a fast learner, so it's an obstacle that I can face very well. I like flowers, I usually take the time to look at nature and see how amazing the biodiversity is. I like animals very much. I have adopted two kittens that I found in the street. If I could have many cats or dogs I would have them. But I like to find them a home with people who will really take care of them. Iv'e been goign to the gym, the old Emily from 15 years ago would never go to the gym. I go to the gym because I realized that self love comes first, I really dont care if people judge me for what I wear, economic status, or where I come from. I started to care about myself more because I got to the point where I was loosing myself. Its a process im going through but I love myself more everyday thank you to my mental motivation. I love to dance. But more than anything I like to help people. I always find the nice side of things and I think one of the most significant virtues for me is to spread kindness through words. I consider myself a person who always finds the best in someone, and motivates them to do things that can be tough, as well as giving advice through my experiences. I believe that sometimes it's necessary to remind people the value they have and put a smile on their faces because they deserve it. I consider myself a non-judgmental person who is willing to listen and understand difficult situations. I consider myself a humble person who goes through many problems but still takes the best thing of life. I like to clean the beaches, collaborate with the community but most of all I like to spread love to the world.
What I Do:
I can do almost anything, even if it's the most difficult thing I can do, I learn very fast and determine my abilities and push myself to do it. I can cook. I can dance. I can help others. I am not so good at sports but at least I try to play ball once in a while and also swim. I started a running routine every afternoon to build up my resistance. I can come up with ideas on how to raise funds for important cases like my CAS project. Through my experiences I know very well how to control my emotions, I know how to catch people's attention through social media, and informative posters. I know how to communicate well with people thanks to my social skills. I know how to help people in any circumstances.
What I Want:
What do I want? is one of the questions I have asked myself throughout my life. I personally want to grow as a person. I want to reach my goals and strive hard to achieve what my parents could not. I want to be a successful woman without fear of failure. I want to admire myself and motivate myself to move forward every day of my life. Now, what do I want for this project? I want to change lives. I want to give support to those families that have suffered for their children that thanks to their hard work and effort have been able to bring their family forward little by little. I want to provide materials to children, the elderly, young people with disabilities with important objects for their health. It is evident that many people in the area of my community and my surroundings, not everyone has the same economic status. Currently, due to the current situation, many families do not even have enough money to eat. Through the donations that I will receive from people in my community I will be bringing smiles to the children and their parents. Generally I want them to know that their lives matter and that it is okay to be different because even though we are different we are the same. I want to give them love, hope and gratitude and most of all I want to change their lives as they slowly change mine.
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The reason for the money is to help a family with very few resources. This family consists of 5 members. Daisy (mom), her husband and their three daughters. They currently live in an automotive repair garage. The conditions in which they live are poor, their poverty is so extreme that they cannot afford school uniforms for their daughters. They have gone hungry but never lose hope that they will be able to get out of poverty. The money collected will be used for food, personal purchases and will contribute to provide a land in order to build their house. Most importantly to make their dream a reality.

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