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Baby Sitting Guilas, At La Paz Community School, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

A platform where parents of young La Paz students can hire high school La Paz student to babysit their children.

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What I like:
One of my favorite activities to do is hanging out with my friends from school or the ones out school, i like having long walks with them or even when we just sit down and talk for hours and hours. I like to make them laugh constantly because it's something that come out naturally from me. I love rollerskating with friends from different towns because everyday i get to meet new people and get some more knowledge of tricks, when rollerskating i have such a good time that time goes by quickly. I love when family from far comes to visit, because i love having long talks and funny jokes all the time with them, we go to the beach and have a lots of fun. Whenever I can I go to the gym, I like working out (just that sometimes i need motivation to finish my routine jsjsjs) let's see if i can have a change in my body during this time period in school. I have a great time when there are typical parties that are always held in the closest towns every year, so much fun thing to do and see.
What I Do:
I'm a very kind and caring person, this skill has developed during past years which makes me proud of it, I like to make everyone feel included when having a conversation and not leaving anyone out. I let my friends know that they can always count on me and that everything they tell me will matter to me. Constantly people tell me that i'm a caring person so this makes me feel super good now that this skill is very important for me. Communication in certain way has developed in me, I have no problem meeting new people and talking to them so I've mastered it :). As i said before i'm a very social person, every time i would love to expand more my friends zone.
What I Want:
Something that i want to get out from my project is to get to help someone or create a big impact on a person or even in my community because later the favor could be returned to my life. i would love to motivate people to do what they are passionate about because there are big opportunities in life that we could take a chance of. My goal is to make my CAS project as fun and trustful for my community so everyone can contribute positively and create hope to the unmotivated ones.
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