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Geymily, La Paz Community School

To help a refugee family achieve self-sufficiency by contributing to their immediate needs (food, clothing, school uniforms) while working to meet their long-term needs (securing a safe home and stable employment). The purpose is to create a bond with this family to give them hope and let them know they are not alone, we give them support so they can propel their family forward. To help a family refugee become self-sufficient. Be able to provide for themselves. Be free of suffering

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What I like:
I am passionate about helping people, I like to feel useful and that I can change people's lives. It makes me a happier person to help others without anything in return than to be helped myself. Not long ago I started to lead a more physically active life. From the smallest thing like jumping rope or walking to the most complicated thing like joining a gym is a difficult process that requires a lot of determination and patience. I love reading articles about what's going on in the world like the news or "current events" I am interested in knowing and being informed about what's going on around the world and sharing everything I learn with my family. In my free time I like to read science fiction, adventure or romance books, it is an activity that I enjoy to the fullest because it allows me to live in different realities and lives. I enjoy watching informative youtube videos that explain the origin and reason of human behavior, how we function and why we suffer with problems like addictions, depression or anxiety, I like to learn about that because anxiety is a problem that most of us young people suffer and I hope to help others and even help myself.
What I Do:
Outside and inside school I have developed skills such as: team worker, problem solving, communicator, social skills, critical thinking, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information.
What I Want:
During the process I hope to inspire others to help others and show them that it does not take wealth to help many to get ahead as my vision is to help families considering that I do not have wealth but I do have perseverance, love, dedication, humility and I am an extremely blessed person. I want to inspire others to change the world and show them that "changing the world" can mean changing the life of just one person. I hope to challenge myself and improve my skills such as organization, marketing, patience, creativity, etc....I hope to impact people around the community to follow and apply the project in the area where they live and that tomorrow in the future the life of any young person will be better and full of hope.
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