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Team Art, Guancaste, Costa Rica

Our CAS project seeks to support Elevate Movement Studio, a big representative of the art in our community. In the Guanacaste area there aren’t many spaces for dancers to express their art. Since we have both been a part of the studio since the beginning, we feel like we owe something back. We want to collaborate with Elevate and create valuable projects that will bring the studio to its highest potential. Through this project we will demonstrate the importance of showing gratitude to the artists that surround us and supporting the culture we are a part of.

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What I like:
I like to spend time with friends and hang out with them in different places like the beach. i like to spend time with my family doing different activities like travelling around Costa Rica. i love to spend most of my time dancing with friends and learning new ways to move my body. i like to learn about different dance cultures and travel with my dance team, i like to surf with my brothers.
What I Do:
my best skill is dancing since ive been doing it since i can remember and love doing it. I also lov to surf but dont have as much time as i would like and i would love to keep practicing this skill.
What I Want:
i want to discover new ways of dance by creating a better stage to perform and i would love to help kids around the area who dont have the opportunity to dance to dance
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