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Stefano Robert, Guanacaste Costa Rica

I would like to create a project where I make artificial reefs. Artificial reefs are not very hard to create, they just have to be created with knowledge and patience. This is a great way to create a good ecosystem for marine animals.

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Stefano Robert

What I like:
I love the ocean, I love most sports that have something to do with the ocean and especially when the ocean has the total control of the sport. I have lived my whole like right next to the ocean and created a very big connection with it and with all it brings. My favorite things about the ocean are the calmness it brings me, the mysteries it has, the life inside of it, and all the sports it brings like: surfing, fishing, diving, and many more.
What I Do:
I am passionate, a passion of mine is investing in the stock market. Investing in the sock market is not just grabbing some money and putting it in some stock and hope for the best. The stock market is not for everyone, it's for people that are pacient, are consistent, are good at making dissections and most importantly PASSIONATE. Passionate of wanting to see yourself succeed in what interests you. My brother, cousin and I started an investment fund where we invited our family to join. We created a full structure where we would use our members' money and invest it for them following a full protocol that we created. I have been a part of this for almost a year and it has taught me many things like: communication skills, many investing skills, and many more skills that are helpful for life.
What I Want:
what I want to get out of this project is many things. First I want a great experience where I learn and have fun at the same time, as well as having problems and having to apply my problem solving skills. I also want to see something with such good intention to help succeed, not only succeed but be able to say I was a part of that and have been all throughout the experience.
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