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Keylor Rivera

What I like:
I am very passionate about art, I love to draw and paint during my free time and it helps me express my thoughts through images and color, I've been passionate about art my whole life, so, at this point, I can say that I see art as a therapeutic activity to do. besides art, I also enjoy swimming a lot, during my vacations I like to swim in the afternoons, I love swimming with the sunset view. swimming helps me clear my mind and relax, and it makes me forget about my surroundings.
What I Do:
As an artist, I deal a lot with not always being satisfied with my work, and with that, I have developed the skill of being able to fix mistakes very easily and having a great end result. sports-wise, after swimming for one year and a half, I have developed the skill of being able to have a long time resisting breathing.
What I Want:
What I want to get out of this project is to help my community, I want to help those who arent always considered or remembered. I want to give the workers from Mar Vista and anyone else a bus stop where they won't get wet from the rain or irritated by the heat from the sun, space for them to wait for the public transport comfortably.
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