The Sea Mercy GIVE SIGHT Project

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Sea Mercy, South Pacific Islands

Imagine being able to give a student the ability to see the chalkboard in school, or a fisherman the ability to see to tie his line to a hook. What we might take for granted, is a modern day miracle just waiting for you to make happen at every stop you make while sailing. Sea Mercy’s eye testing and evaluation program is easy to administer and anyone can learn to be an Eye Care Program Director (aka miracle worker).

Because you are not doing any surgeries, prescribing any medicines, or charging any fees for the glasses or for your services, local governments are quick to embrace our eye care program for their “at risk” communities. With permission, you can setup an eye care testing event in schools, clinics, churches, government buildings, community centers, or whatever creative location you decide upon that meets the testing criteria. It is simple, fun and an incredible way to build immediate and lasting relationships at every stop you make.

A single pair of glasses can make a huge difference to an individual. Uncorrected vision limits a person’s ability to earn a living, impairs access to education, reduces personal safety and restricts social interactions. With self-adjustable glasses, that impact can be multiplied to other members of the family or colleagues, as the lenses can be re-adjusted by each user. In addition, vision correction needs change over time. Instead of returning to an eye care professional every time, Eyejusters can keep adapting without the need to buy a new pair of glasses. This is especially important for people living on the remote islands that you might visit during your cruising time.

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120 Reading Glasses with strengths ranging from +1.25 to +3.5
Sea Mercy
10 Eyejusters Glasses - 8 Nearsighted (each eye is adjustable from -1.0 to -5.0) and 2 Farsighted (+0.0 to +3.0)
Sea Mercy
Patient Tracking Sheet (Sea Mercy data collection and tracking of eye glass distribution)
Sea Mercy
Testing and Training Reference Manual (PDF file for easy Q&A and reference needs)
Sea Mercy

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