Tonga! inclusive solar-powered desalination infrastructure project

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AHOD - Coalition for Resilient Infrastructure in Small Island Communities, Global Partners working collectively

An inclusive solar-power desalination infrastructure project with the capacity to make 30,000 gallons of water per day and create new skills and jobs to benefit youth and women.

The overarching guidance for our work is to honor and support the Tonga Strategic Development Framework 2015-2025 ] Motto, God and Tonga are my inheritance, established by Tupou I.

This means that
“Tonga is our inheritance and our wealth in the form of our people, our land, and our strong Christian and traditional values that underpin our culture. We have inherited this from our families.

We must pass it on to our children in an improved condition. This requires us to be wise and prudent in our use of our inherited wealth. Our plans, strategies, and policies must be supportive to our inheritance and they must be inclusive and sustainable so that we leave a more valuable inheritance for those who follow us.”

A project plan will be developed and implemented in partnership with the Prime Ministers’ office and his appointed ministers and local resilience, youth, and women’s empowerment organizations.

Local Tongan Organizations we hope to partner with:

TWICT – Women in ICT
TYEE – Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
TARP – Accelerated Resilience Program
TNYC – National Youth Congress

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