Well Behavied Shelter Dogs

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Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This project will try to help dogs find homes by teaching them basic house manners, therefore allowing people to adopt them without needing to learn to train them. I will be taking dogs out of shelters for a short time to train them and make sure that they are acostumbed to other dogs and will be okay to live in a house with multiple dogs. This will make people feel more comfortabe adopting dogs and will hopefully make their lives easier when they do en up adopting one. I will need money constantly so that I can feed and shelter the dogs.

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Eric Behrman

What I like:
I enjoy surfing, going out with friends, art, music, and most importantly for this project, animals and nature. Since a little kid, I have had pets and been out in nature, this makes this project very important to me.
What I Do:
Ever since before I could even walk, my paraents would take me to the schutzhund(a german dog training style) club that they attended, and this would allow me to see how they trained dogs, and now the have given me a new perspective, by picking up french ring. French ring training is a less harsh method of trainging that involves helping the dog to figure out what you want, instead of forcing them, and it is what i will bee using for this.
What I Want:
I would like to help dogs that are in shelters that dont have a chance to be adopted. I also want to help the potentiol adopters of these dogs, they will be far more inclined to help these animals if they did not have to work as hard to train them all of the basic house manners that most dogs already know.
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Dog Food
$30 every 40 days

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