I’m not gonna lie, these past two weeks have not been easy. I have not only been supper preoccupied with CAS but also with IB. I’m stressed and I am having a hard time managing it. I want to ensure that my CAS project is the best it can possibly be because I don’t want to disappoint the kids in my community. I am working really hard to ensure that everything is ready for the day of the event. Two weeks ago was a big week for my project, we sent out the trees. This means that we sent out name cards with the names of kids and their wish for Christmas. I was really excited and pumped to be able to have a big step forward be taken. I remained with this feeling until today. Today I set up a table at our local Feria (farmers market). I was explaining to tourists about how the project worked and they choose two cards. On the cards there are recommendations of what the kids want. I realized that they thought that this meant this was the only gift they were able to get the kids. They were immediately expelled away from the kids who had broad descriptions of what they wanted. My intention of putting what they wanted was to direct the people in a good direction instead I think it might have been confusing. I also realized that many parents are unaware that the trees are up even though I have been publicising about the trees. I realize that I need to improve my communication skills with all platforms of people in order to ensure that I am getting the most amount of help possible. This week I have also been working on my CAS presentation. I hope that this event helps me publicise about my project and help me ensure that everyone is aware of what is happening and convince them to help. I am really excited and nervous about this presentation and I hope it goes the way planned.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    The trees are up and the cards are flying off of them! There are so many small challenges during this time of your project and you are handling them very well. Keep communicating with your audience, taking deep breaths and working ******** is all coming together!

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