Our Progress!

The last two weeks Melanie and I have been thinking a lot. We have been deciding on what we want to do with the community before this trimester ends. In our yearbook meetings, we brainstormed some fun activities we could do with the rest of the school. After talking about it and brainstorming, we finally decided that we wanted to do a dodgeball tournament and candy grams-Christmas edition. The dodgeball tournament we want to have it either this upcoming week or at the beginning of next next week. Once we are done with the dodgeball tournament we will continue on announcing and selling our candy grams. For this tournament, the students who are going to be able to participate are from the Tenorio and Chirripo campus. We decided that we are going to have teams of five and we still have to figure out some other logistics. For this reason is that we will be having another meeting this Monday to figure out some details that we are missing, in order to start announcing it to the community on Tuesday. Some challenges I feel that we are having overall is the lack of time. If we do this once again in the future, we would for sure start planning way earlier. It’s not a big challenge that is preventing us from making these activities happen, however, we do have to finish planning as fast as we can in order to have time to do both of our activities. Now for the candy grams. This is something the school mainly does for Valentines Day but this year we wanted to do something a little bit different and get everyone into the Christmas spirit. We are planning on having small candy bags of 500 colones ($1) and bigger ones that would cost 1.500 colones ($3). We would be selling them to all the students and even teachers. Beforehand, we will be trying to buy all the candy we plan on using for the candy grams, that way we can start making them earlier. Lastly, we would be selling them the week before the last week of school and on the last week of school we would be giving them out. There is still many details we have to figure out for these two activities, which is why we will be spending this weekend and this upcoming Monday, planning and figuring everything out. During these meetings we also talk to the committee on how to use the pictavo program, we brainstormed many ideas for the theme (such as In Living Color, Emerged and New Horizons). Then we made them accounts in Pictavo in order for them to start uploading pictures to the albums, that way we can have many pictures ready for when we initiate the actual creation of the yearbook. This trimester has showed me that the Yearbook Project is not a very challenging project, but it does take a lot of time to do and you have to be on top of everything in order to succeed in every aspect of it. For the Boston Exchange Project, as we had some challenges, we won’t be able to go with them this year to Boston, but we will still be helping Mileidy and Willa when the kids from Boston come to Costa Rica and next school year, hopefully we will be the ones to continue this project. For now, we are just planning on letting Lauren know that we will be the upcoming leaders of this project, in order for us to get more involved in this and we can start figuring out who will be the next students from Cepia that will be able to enjoy this experience next year.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    Ashley, the dodgeball tournament is a great idea! I think that the school will be happy to ******** looks like there are some new planning hurdles with Tenorio. Let me know how you are going to address these. Keep up the great work!

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