So, How Did Cas Night Go? -a Reflection

For those of you who don’t know, CAS night is an annual event where students can present their projects to an audience, to receive both donations and attention. It is also a way for students to expose their progress, and how well their project is doing, coupled with reflections on different aspects of the project itself.

Now, connecting this to yours truly, What did I do well during the event? I would say I managed to maintain a lighthearted nature to our exposition. I’d also say that even through a bit of stumbling and awkwardness at first I still managed to get the information across really well, and even managed to appeal emotionally in the end, and even though it was not originally in my script, I feel like it was a great note to end my part on.
I will definitely say there’s room for improvement though: Speaking more enthusiastically and improving my stage presence could go miles, and maybe sticking with my strengths of “improvising” and not trying to follow a script could result in a more charming and charismatic stage persona.

Even with this, i’d still say this was another major step towards a better version of myself that CAS helped me take, and it definitely helped me a little bit with the small amounts of stage fright I still occasionally go through.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    Felipe, While the microphone was a bit of a fail, your speech went well. I loved that your group spoke in Spanish and English and that you all had such a compelling story! You spoke with knowledge and confidence. Great job!

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