Progress Of Project

Because my project is building a website, it’s hard to show proof of progress. To do so, I’ve taken a screenshot of something every time I get it running, so for example the facebook and instagram are both up and running now. I’ve made a checklist of things that Laetitia wants me to do, and I’ve mostly completed it, aside from the financial and donations part. This project hasn’t been easy to stay motivated with, it’s been fairly hard to push myself to work on it, because it takes a ton of time and energy to get just one small thing done, it’s extremely badly designed for an effective workflow. It took me an entire class period to figure out how to get a PayPal donation button up, and several days of communication with CEPIA to get the social media running. I currently need to upload their most recent newsletter, and then talk to them about the site. I sent them an email on Friday asking if we could meet Tuesday (Nov 20th) after school, but haven’t gotten a response.

On a side note, I have had a couple of different activities. I helped Bernabe with his CAS project, transporting rocks from the workers shed to his vivero for an hour last Wednesday, and I also helped take photos and manage technology at CAS night this weekend.

I’ve come up with another project, one that I think will last me longer than this current project with CEPIA, I plan to build a website for CAS, and it will include all of the projects, how you can help, donate, etc. It wouldn’t be unlike Wonderment, but more centralized for Costa Rica, and to show what exactly we are doing for the community, because it’s not easy to get the word out about CAS projects, and this would just make that a tiny bit easier for everyone.

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  1. MissAmy

    November 21, 2018

    Thank you for explaining the difficulties and successes that you are having! Can you write about your experience at CAS night with Mayan and setting up all the technology? Also, thanks for being such a great team player and helping others out!

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