Communication Creates Courageous Characters

A company is not a company if there’s not some sort of issue circulating within its headquarters. Companies like: Coca Cola, Adidas, FedEx started off rough, but were later settled in into the environment that companies have to deal with.
As small entrpreneurs with developing ideas, it is our mission to be great communicators and effective listeners in order for everything to run smoothly. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We started off great, with good ideas, excellent opinions on subjects, concise messages, and everything imaginable. But things started going downhill after our opening. From unwanted drama, to miscommunications about money, and going over the budget, Snack Shack has been a very interesting journey for our 10th grade class.
Though everything is not as gloomy as it may seem. We have recovered and learned from thoee past experiences. We now know the importance about communication and how it can affect every department individually and even the entire business itself.
Communication among a business is crucial for the well-being of this one. Without any sort of communication a business can’t flourish into their maximum potential in the industry. Therefore it is our duty, as growing entrepreneuts to start developing these skills so we will be prepared for what the real world has to offer.

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