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My team was lucky enough to have a video created by the Wonderment, but it is time to create our own. Over break, I will be creating my own video for the project because there is so much more to add and build up from the last video, since so much has changed. I will give insight on my project through images of the nursery we have built, the community event we had, our collaboration with ConnectOcean and our future plans. Along the way, there will be short interviews or phrases from the most important stakeholders of our project, as well as my dad and I to create emotional appeal by narrating the story of the mangrove’s death at the beginning, which will be the hook to capture attention and interest. The specific problem I am addressing is the death of the mangrove in Avellanas but this connects overall to the importance of being sustainable in our every day actions and choosing to go greener in order to benefit the planet, because everything we do impacts the environment and we have to try to keep it healthy. This is not only for us, and the rest of the species inhabiting the planet, but for resources and future generations and for the ability to maintain the diversity we currently have because if ecosystems are getting damages, species don’t have where to live and will eventually go extinct. My problem goes beyond my mangrove reforestation project, it is about motivating others to help save the environment and protect or restore nature from all the human damage we have done to it. I am raising awareness about these issues by showing images of the severity of the problems worldwide, I think the before and after pictures of the mangrove will also help create an impact, even if it were due to natural causes. I might include statistics in order to help create awareness because they can shock the audience and truly make them worry and inspire them to change. One statistic I will always remember is that it is predicted that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. The reason I will never forget this, is because 1) it was shocking, and 2) Sebas talked about this to me when he introduced the project to be and spoke about Ernst and ConnectOcean, which was the moment I knew without doubts that I had to be a part of this project and I had to try to be part of a bigger change to inspire others because I have so much love and passion for the ocean and its diversity, that it would genuinely hurt for it to be ruined by something that us humans have created. The passion is what got me involved in the project with so much enthusiasm, and I hope to share and spread this through my video, which is why I hope to speak a little bit and also have Ernst talk a little bit because I feel like we both have strong statements to share with the world that are powerful and truly appeal to emotion. I might even cry when talking about how important it is to protect nature; not because I want to (although it is a good tactic), but simply because I can’t hold it in when it comes to nature. I simply cannot begin to explain the importance and the necessity for our responsibility to care for it. Although I don’t exactly want to cry in public and publish it on the internet, I think it would help with my purpose to make people realize how important it is and get them to start doing something in their own community or household. The rhetorical device I am using is clearly Pathos (the appeal to emotion) which will hopefully in a way manipulate others to work towards change. In general, I am telling the story of my project by showing what happened to the mangrove and then what we have done in the project, what we are currently doin, and our future goals as well as inspirations, so we include a little past, present and future about the logistics and emotions of our project.

Learning outcomes: Global importance, Plan & Initiate, Commitment and Perseverance, Working Collaboratively
Learner profiles: Caring, Communicator, Principled, Balanced Knowledgeable, Reflective, Thinker

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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