For my video, I want to focus on showing the process and the change of how the youth center was before and now because the amount of hard work that was put into this project is crucial to be shown in this video and that’s the main visual I want to portray within this video. Put in shots of the youth center in the past and then eventually throughout the video show the build up and changes of the youth center so the audience can see the progressive development of Terraza. This is the story that I want to tell, as well as interview people from the tamarindo community and other communities that have participated or have gone to the youth center; interview people within the community about why do they think that a youth center is really necessary in Guanacaste. A youth center is what our community needs and that’s the main message that we want to show through the video, how the youth center has evolved into what it is now and why do we need a youth center within our community.

Awareness is being brought through this video as well as inspiration due to the message and symbolism that is being portrayed through the video. We want to aware the audience about the amount of hard work that was put into this project and show that symbol of strength and dedication because this project was all about commitment and power and that is the main goal of the video, to show those qualities and factors that made this youth center alive. Some of the crucial factors that will be shown are 1- the development of the youth center, 2- the painting shots (how the youth center was painted), 3- interviews of the people within the community, 4- interviews of the staff, 5- close shots of the final finish of the youth center. The main problem that we are addressing the audience through this video is to demonstrate how teenagers now at days have access to social media which can causes a disruption of social interaction which can be unhealthy for the human body, lack of being social and meeting new people when you teenager can cause an imbalance in your lifestyle and this is what we want to prevent which is why we created a youth center. In this video we want to show, how and why a youth center? Why is it necessary within our community? How is it going to help? I want this video to be able to answer these questions easily so the audience can be fully aware of what’s going on and can fully understand.

The shots and pictures that will be used in this video will be some pictures we have now such as how the youth center looked before and the development of it. As well as introduce a few of the staff members and answer one question which will be “ How did this project make you grow and how will it pay back to the community?”, we won’t just be asking the staff members but we will be asking the people within our community and ask them what they think about the youth center. The main goal through this video is to have the audience fully understand what the main purpose of our youth center is and why is it important to our community. We want to show the development of the center and show the amount of hard work that was put into this project by our team.

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