Video Storyboard!

* How will you give insight into your project? Through words? Through images? Through interviews?
We are giving insight to our project by the use of words, images and also interviews. We are creating insight through words by recording our voices and providing information about the yearbook. Furthermore, we will explain the purpose and importance behind the yearbook project. Through the use of images, we will create insight of our project by showing the audience a set of videos and images where students share and create memories. Through the use of interviews, we will be able to not only create insight of our project by having students share their ideas on past year yearbooks and importance, but we will also understand the meaning of a yearbook to a student.

* How are you inspiring action?
The yearbook inspires action in the next generation of students. It makes them want to also take initiative and create a book that they can take and remember a school year with. For students that are leaving, either graduating or even just moving to another place, a yearbook is the perfect tool to remember their past and memories with. It reminds them of all the good times and wonderful moments they lived. This project inspires students to take lead in a project that will demand time, hard work and a lot of effort. As well, as inspire them to stay motivated throughout the entire process, and also to create fun activities that students can participate in and brainstorm pages in which students can express creativity or even just show their favorite moments of the year.

* Are you telling a story? What is it and how are you telling it?
The story we plan to tell is mainly focused on the perspective of a student at La Paz. We plan to hopefully interview a senior that has been here since La Paz was funded in 2007 and have this student talk about the importance of having a yearbook and how influential a it has been throughout the years in this school. We want to let the world know and see why a yearbook is a completely crucial part of a students school year and how it can have a positive impact on their lives. We also want to show other students looking at previous yearbooks and having them share with us a memory that they remembered from seeing it in the yearbook. This will express why its really important to create a yearbook filled with many memories in which every student will appear in.

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