17 january, 2023

What are the goals of your project?


Canela and I have decided to change the direction of our CAS project since we felt the Amphitheater was too hard to achieve. We reflected on the advantages and disadvantages of continuing with the Amphitheater project and decided the best we could do to have an achievable project by the end of our IB time would be to change opir project completely. We were both sad to leave our stage project but knew how hard it was going to be. We were open minded about new ideas that could potentially become our CAS project. We decided to collaborate with Elevate Movement studio directly and communicate our project ideas to Gaby. We communicated several ideas and visions for the future of the dance studio and decided it was a great idea to make this our CAS project.   


  1. Help Elevate Movement Studio with the development and expansion of the training program the studio offers (both company dancers and other dancers)
  2. Help better the interior of the dance studio (furniture, painting, decoration, expansion, social media…)
  3. Work collaboratively with Gaby when planning and organizing performance events such as shows and recitals. 
  4. Be a support system to the dance community we are surrounded by 

What are the milestones that you will need to meet to obtain those goals in the next trimester?

  • Have a meeting with Gaby to brainstorm specific ideas and objectives Elevate Movement Studio needs. 
  • Organize at least two fundraisers
  • Make a presentation for Gaby with potential plans for the development of the company dancers training program
  • Be active on instagram accounts (at least 1 story per day) make posts to promote the dance culture to the community. 
  • Buy amenities for the studio (couch, training equipment, shelves…)
  • Create a wall commemorating senior members that are leaving or are a part of the studio
  • Make surveys to the dancers that attend the studio asking for suggestions, opinions, ideas.


How will you know that you have succeeded?

  • There will be a change in the dance program (shifts in schedule, classes, long term goals)
  • Make surveys to have the voices of others who are a part of the studio community
  • Significant changes in the way the look and aesthetic of the studio
  • Dedicate time to choreographing during CAS classes when necessary
  • Achievement of fundraisers (saving money)
  • Increase on social media (more followers, increased activity)


What is needed this week to get you started? (marketing, meetings, emails, other communication, etc.) 

  • Make a survey delicate towards the dancer at Elevate, this way we can start identifying what dancers feel like could be improved or shouldn’t change at the studio. 
  • Meet with Gaby to make a list and brainstorm what our goals and priorities are
  • Start calculating costs for the materials and potential amenities 
  • Based on the cost tart brainstorming a fundraiser based on the budget
  • Create a new wonderment page for the new project

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