What Is Happening Next..

I am tired. I never thought IB was such a time-consuming program, I hear about it but I never thought it was real but now I do. The past week was CAS night, it when perfect! I feel people really liked my presentation and connected to the project. This was my biggest presentation for CAS I have ever done.

School is almost over, 2 more weeks or less! Last week I bought the tubes and took them to school with my grandpa. The tubes are waiting there, I am just waiting for help from Alfonso or Toño in order to build the system. I would say the patient is very important in CAS because in our country everything, moves slow.

Overall the project is going slow, but it’s going. My idea is to work during the vacation in order to have the system set for the next trimester, so I can concentrate more on production and less construction.

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