How Do I Ensure Our Video Helps Our Project?

With the advent of the internet, it has become more and more simple to spread your message around. To tell your story. To be noticed and use that attention to truly make a change. The thing is, another side of this change that we don’t look at is how sheerly saturated the internet became, meaning that it is incredibly hard to stand out in a deep, dark whole full of people trying to do the same.

But I digress; what I am trying to get to with that is that in order for us to be able to rise from that whole of anonymity, we need marketing. And what is a Project Video if not Marketing in its purest, most manipulative form.

A proper Marketing video for a project like this must be, first of all, very visually appealing (on the parts where the Mangrove is alive). Human beings are a stingy bunch most of the time, so we need to give them a reason and convince them to depart with their hard earned cash. If the Mangrove doesn’t look pretty when restore, why restore it?

Second off, and the cynic in me firmly believes this to be the most important part, is that It must be manipulative. Not directly, mind you, like a kids commercial; but there are ethical ways to do it. Showing the pictures of the dead mangrove alongside with the restored/previous one can pull some strings, and create a sense of guilt. This same sense of guilt is what we will embrace and kindly accept their money.

I do realise that sounded really evil back there but unfortunately, that’s the nature of the internet. If there are literally 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, then why would I stop for minutes to watch a mediocre one?

And that’s why we have to stand out, because by standing out, we help not only our egos but also our project. And if there’s one way to garner attention, it is on the internet…

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