Video Planning Progress

I will give insight on my video through possible very short interviews of the specific scholarship student that I will select with the help of Ms Amy and other staff members. I will also give insight through images/clips showing the process and a lot of the participants of the fashion show, as well as the process of getting the fabrics and sewing process, short words and phrases as well as comments.
I am raising awareness about the opportunity and privilege of having an education, and supporting scholarship programs. I am doing this through the interview of the scholarship benefited student, Mr Abel and Ms Amy. I will also include single words/phrases that have a powerful meaning relating to the overall concept of the video of supporting scholarship programs. I want the video to transmit a feeling to the audience of how privileged we are of being able to have an education, and because of that we should also support and help those we have perhaps have certain obstacles or difficulties; whatever it may be we should still support and give back to the community.
In this video I am telling the story of that one selected scholarship benefited student, through the clips of them answering some questions and just giving some background on therstory. I’m also telling the story of the scholarship program at La Paz, how it started, how many students benefit from it, e.t.c. My goal is to be able to show small clips about the different aspects involved in my CAS project related to the purpose and how I’m going to make it happen along with the help from many members of the community.

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