Duty Etichs

Duty ethics. What is it? Duty ethics is to follow rules and obey orders depending on what our duty is. This teaches that if someone acts the wrong or right way they do it because they have a duty to act like that. No matter the good or bad consequences that may occur. The philosopher Kant thought that it would be wrong to tell a lie in order to save a friend from a murderer. Because he believed People have a duty to do the right thing, even if it produces a bad result. Now, what does this have to do with our CAS projects? Well, easy, as students we have many duties. For example, doing homework and being responsible, these are some of the duties we have. Within our projects duty ethics are present, in the yearbook, for example, the dodgeball tournament was an excellent activity, a very important ethical implication for this activity was having students who couldn’t pay the entrance to the tournament. Our ethical duty as leaders of the project, and in this situation was to find a solution for these students, even if that meant making less money. Whereas with the exchange project, the ethical implications are mostly emotional. Meaning how the trip changes and influences the person’s´ way of thinking. They could feel inferior because they don´t have as many resources as others do. Even though this experience changes their life completely and makes them be motivated to continue doing their best in school to have a better future, this could also go the other way and make them feel unhappy with their life and wish to have someone else’s´. Now, going back to the dodgeball tournament and the Santa grams, both activities have been successful. Ashley and I managed to control and have everything perfect for the day of the event. We worked extremely hard to put all of the events together and had to find solutions for many challenges that came up like the lack of time. The community participated and supported us incredibly and we are extremely grateful for that. We received a lot of help from teachers and students which made the activity flow easily. Overall I am very proud of what we accomplished, we also received great feedback from teachers and kids enjoyed it. Now we are set up for a great start next trimester we are motivated and will put a lot of effort to continue working as we have. Relating to the exchange program, we will star of strong as well and will start preparing and brainstorming events to fundraise for this trip.


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