Ethical Implications

The theory that I was given is called Moral Absolutism, which is the ethical theory that believes that there are absolute values that decisions need to be made by. This means that if lying is considered bad, then in no circumstances is lying good.

I think that by creating a website, this will definitely help donations along with the company size, and a possible result of this would be the increased load that CEPIA needs to deal with. This might result in a growth in the company, creating rules that area more absolute due to the growth. Especially because as a business grows, it’s much harder to deal with situations on a case by case basis. For example, it’s easy enough to individually treat each problem at work (in this case CEPIA) when you have a total of 50 staff, but when you grow into a company with 300 plus employees, it’s much more time consuming and tedious, which is why generally, as a business becomes larger, whether in net worth or in amount of employees, the rules of said business need to become stricter and harder enforced than the rules of a smaller business.

While there is no guarantee that this website will cause such a growth within CEPIA, that is certainly the hope, and what I want to accomplish before I graduate from IB.

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