Ethics are a big part of my project. I am working with another group of people in my community. The way I navigate through this project is according to my morals and my ethical opinion on what the people who I’m helping want and need. This makes it difficult for me because there are many places throughout this project where I could slip up and not be ethical due to a difference of opinion and morals. In TOK I was assigned Kant’s approach to ethics which in simple words an approach in which you mentally evaluating a situation before acting. The way you evaluate and dictate what your going to do is according to a scenario that you adapt. You put the decision en masse, or you say if everyone where to do this would it be ethical. An example of this is skipping in line because you are late. If everyone were to skip in line it would be chaos therefore you are no exception. This approach removes all emotion and is an unbiased tool used to make decisions. In my project I need to use emotion in order to create a more passionate and effective project. Kant’s approach to ethics completely removes emotion from the situation. So when I am making decisions related to if one business gets a tree and another does not I could use this non emotional approach. Whereas if I am thinking about how many gifts a certain child needs related to their economic status I may allow emotion to help me dictate how I move forward in the situation. I need to consider the way I address the project and market it due to the economic status of the community that I am helping. I need to ensure that I am communicating effectively and in a way that offends no parties. So far I believe I have effectively completed this and I hope that I stay on this path throughout my project.

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