It’s not hard to say that the world is full of stereotypes, from things like girls should use this and boys that, to things that tell us what to think, how to act and basically how to live. It’s interesting that in all the decisions we take, all the actions we do there is ethics into it. From my perspective and knowledge, I would define ethics as a stereotypical power over every person the control the way they act. I may be going to much into the stereotypical aspect, but I consider that society creates ethics, for example, who decided that girls should always go first through? I can prove the point because I would be bios, I mean I don’t know if maybe in another culture boys go first and this fall into cultural imperialism, it all depends on your culture and this affects the way you see my opinion.
Well talking about my project connected with ethics I consider there is a lot of connections. For example, getting outsources and not knowing if what he asked for is enough, and I started thinking, should I give more, or less or give him what he asked for? This happened with Gerald the welder. Another connection would be working with Marco, which I consider slow when doing things, but I know he has a lot of work. So when I talk to him and I need a fast answer can’t make pressure to him because I don’t know if he considers himself fast. Overall I could say ethics is everywhere.

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