Ethical Journal Entry

My theory of ethics was rule utilitarianism, it is a spin on normal utilitarianism that says we should judge the rightness or wrongness of an action by whether it conforms to a rule that promotes general happiness. Arguments for rule utilitarianism include the fact that People are notoriously bad at judging what is the best thing to do, therefore a rule-based system leads to a greater overall utility. Arguments against this theory mention that Irrationally supporting rule based actions, in cases more good could be done by violating the rule than obeying it. Rule utilitarianism can relate to my personal CAS project, on the gender equality level. For the fashion show that I am organizing, so far I only have girl participants because none of the boys I asked to be in the show felt comfortable participating. One could argue this situation as part of rule utilitarianism, and how it does not promote general happiness because of the fact that there are only girls and no boys participating in the show; this might appear as to sending the message to the audience that only girls can/should participate in fashion shows. Asan adaptation of my project to this ethical theory, I can look for other solutions as of how I can get boys to participate in it; perhaps ask some of the guys in my class if they would feel comfortable being part of the fashion show.

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