2-week update – Oct 11, 2022

Over the past two weeks, I have divided my work with Gracie. We had our first yearbook meeting last Thursday which was okay. Not many people showed up and those who did were in 12th and 11th grade. We had roughly six participants which is hardly any compared to last year's group of almost 12. In order to overcome this challenge, we need to remind and communicate to the students about the project in order to get more members, especially from younger grades because of their smaller workload. I received advice from Miss Martha and Miss Kenia about the yearbook which set up my next steps. Miss Kenia recommended making a folder where teachers could upload their class photos throughout the year. Therefore this week I created a shared google drive folder that has smaller folders for each class within it. I then emailed Miss Kenia about the drive and she shared it with the teachers around the school. This idea will hopefully allow for better organization compared to last year when students scrambled around last minute to find photos of their class. This will also allow us to store photos we take of school events in an organized manner that will provide easy access to the entire yearbook committee. Lastly, Miss Martha recommended I create a poster about yearbook meetings on the bulletin board so students are reminded about the club and remember to come to meetings. As for CAS night, Gracie communicated with Stephany while I worked on the CAS slideshow. I managed to finish the video on Monday. The most challenging part was summarizing projects into one sentence in both English and Spanish so that it can be read easily as the video plays. The video's purpose is to demonstrate all the CAS projects of our class. It will be continuously playing on TVs and the projector so that the projects without a booth or presentation are still recognized throughout the night. 

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