Creativity is everywhere. It is in the way we act, it’s in our imagination, it’s in the way we perceive things, most importantly it’s within each person. We all have the creativity with us, but for some, it’s much easier to access it. I am one of those people, I love art and anything related to it. It’s very easy for me to be creative because most parts of my family are artists, musicians, architects, engineers… These professions are based and directly connected with creativity, which is why I also have some of this creativity in my blood. I experience with creativity in many ways, I use it when I am playing soccer when I am doing a new art project, when I am acting, when I am trying to solve a problem, and when I am writing a poem, song, or writing a book. Creativity is part of my everyday life, I am constantly using it to make my life interesting and even more imaginative. This Christmas break I spend most of my time with my family and also by myself. When I was by myself, I would start writing I wrote many poems and even got back on track with the book I started writing the book I started last summer. I started writing this book based on life experiences and future goals I have for myself. I love the story that I try to tell because it’s about a girl who is sick, her parents died and all she has left is her brother and grandma. Furthermore, she ventures into her life holding on to her dream to become a writer and be able to take her family out of poverty. Nevertheless, her grandma dies before she was able to accomplish her dream and she left a letter with a surprise that would change her life, advice and a promise. All these tragic events she went through change her life and make her a strong young woman whom finally finds success and happiness. I decided to write this story because I made my grandma the same promise Aubrey made to her grandma. Before my grandma died, she wrote me a letter, and in bed, I promised to follow each and every advice she games me. Now, I also spend a lot of time with my family, this year like every other year in Christmas we decorate the tree together. We also do something called a Portal which most Catholic families do here in Costa Rica. This portal includes Baby Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Los 3 Reyes Magos, angels, many animals… We use a lot of creativity for this because the portal has to be very colorful and creative. As can see, I spend my break using creativity in many ways, I spend a lot of alone and family time which helped me take a break from school work and focus on the most important thing in my life, my family. I was able to develop my writing skills and tell a story which many can relate to and learn from.

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