Starting Of Strong

Break has been a wonderful time to stop and really think where we want to go with our projects. Last trimester we made 2 very successful fundraising activities which all students enjoyed and participated in. We had our dodgeball tournament which included students from years 6th to 12th and our Santa Grams which students in Tenorio and Chirripo bought. These fundraising activities helped us raise money for our yearbook project, and now it´s time to think bigger. We need to start fundraising for our Boston Exchange project. We know it´s a lot of work which is why we want to start now. We want to fundraise as much as possible. We need to start developing some ideas that are interesting for the students and that makes them want to participate. This activity needs to be big meaning it has to generate a lot of money to be able to help our project as much as possible. Last year Willa and Mileidy did a movie night to fundraise for this year’s trip. We want to do something that involves the entire community not only students but also teachers and parents. Next week Ashley and I will meet to talk about the next step with this exchange project and when we will be meeting and introducing ourselves to Cepia and to Abby Erdman as the new leaders for this trip. Now, back to the yearbook project, we will be recruiting new members for the committee due to the fact that we need more students to help the making of the yearbook. Right now, we only have 5 girls which are why we want to encourage students to join the committee. We have assigned each student 2 pages that they have to do in the yearbook and have made them accounts in pictavo. This is helpful because we can now start making each page and making progress. We will also start selling adds which we will meet with Willa to help us do that. We know that we don´t need to do more fundraising for this project because we will start selling adds and these will be enough money to pay for the program and to pay for the scholarship students’yearbook. Ashley and I will continue working as we have, putting a lot of hard effort into the making of this yearbook, and the other project. We are capable of leading and making both of these projects happen and will not give up until they happen.

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