Activity Over The Winter Break

During this break, I visited Lake Tahoe, which also happens to be the place that I was born. During my stay, which lasted for about 4 days, I was privileged enough to be able to snowboard. The first day that I went out, my entire family came with me. The conditions weren’t the greatest, but seeing as we see snow once a year if we’re lucky, we didn’t complain. That was a Saturday. We got home around 2 pm that afternoon, and I can remember my calves burning from the muscles that I had used. The next time I went out was a Monday, and it had snowed the night before. This was the first time I’d gone snowboarding alone, as my father had to work, and my mother and sister chose not to come. I enjoyed this trip out a lot more than the first one, partly because I was alone, and now could go as fast as I wanted without worry of leaving someone behind, partly because of the improved conditions, and partly because I had improved a lot from the previous trip. The mountain that we went to and skied on is called Homewood, and it also happens to be the first place I ever skied.

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