Creativity is not my strong suit and for this reason I am a little nervous about this video. I have several pictures and videos from the day of the event and the process of my project but putting it all together on a way that is intriguing is hard. For CAS we are required to create a video reflecting and explaining our project. I just finished mine so I will begin to create my video. During the entire process of my project we have taken picture and videos in order to create an effective video. This is a large challenge for me and I will do the best aht I can. I will do this by using outside sources for help and by checking over the video several times in order to ensure that it is the best work I can do. I know the elements that I want to include which helps me in the first couple steps but the setting up if the order and the music and the lighting are all things that i will have to learn along the way. I want my video to include interviews with people who have been a part of the project and who have received gifts in the past years. I want them to explain the impact it has had on them. I then want to have latecia talk about how the project has evolved over the past years. I also want to include video from the day of the event and videos of us wrapping the gifts. I will include images of the children after they receive their gifts and once i have all of these elements I will make the video. If I don’t like how it looks I will go over it and add in what I think is appropriate. I hope I correctly attack this challenge and my video portrays the beauty of this project.

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