This break my goal was to exercise everyday. I haven’t done this. I could make excuses and say it’s because I have been working on my CAS project and I haven’t had time but in reality if I was really dedicated i could have. We are about half way through the break, I am done with my project and it is time for me to commit to exercise. Today I swam in my pool for an hour, tomorrow I am going to Liberia and going on a bike ride with my family the day after that I will find another activity to do and be sure to keep this up. Activity is such an important part of my life. When i exercise I feel happier, more awake and more excited about life. I think that it helps with my personal development and allows me to have sometime to myself. This is time where i can reflect and realize what I am doing well and what I need to improve in my life.
In my life this time is very i,proant, without it I frolic through life and tend to get a little lost. I need this hour or two hours or three to really think about things that are important and matter to me. In the pool today I thought about SAT’s. I took mine recently and I realized that they aren’t something I am amazing at. Although I barely studies and did okay i don’t believe it is something I want to pursue. I would rather stay here or go to Europe for college so i am going to focus on IB and CAS and things that help my resume and my personal development. I am going to keep up with my activity throughout break because I realize how important it is to my overall life.

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