December Break Project Work

I’ve been taking a little break from school work this first part of break, but I have to work on my project over break. I have been checking on the nursery and watering to make sure the plants are doing well, and so far so good. I will start to create my video this break, which is why I have been working on the script and I am planning on getting help from my friends to film. I will also need to get in contact with Ernst because he is really important to my project and I need him in my video, maybe if it’s just his voice narrating over a part at the end showing the mangrove or our nursery which might be more powerful; I am still working on the small details for the video. I will also be recording my dad because we are going to start the video by briefly narrating the story of the mangrove since we are the ones mostly affected by it since we live here and we’ve experienced the change day by day. During break I also worked on creating a powerpoint presentation for the 5th grade class since Felipe and I will be teaching them about the project and collaborating with them for their sustainability anchor projects. One day during break I worked 3 hours during the morning on the nursery. The bucket of mangroves that Sebas gifted me at CAS night had to be planted into bags, so I emptied the bags which already had mud, but not a seedling. I did this because the mud was pretty dry since it hasn’t been raining to I had to crumble it apart in order to be able to manage it and plant seedlings into the bags since they already had some roots as they had been growing in water for a while. Some of them had roots that were too big, so I kept them in the bucket and I will be planting those directly into the mangrove one of these days. It was muddy work on Christmas morning, I got stung by several wasps which weren’t leaving me alone, but I was able to plant 84 seedlings into bags all by myself in 3 hours! I was really happy to give back to the planet for Christmas, even if it was exhausting. I also filmed some clips of the nursery for the video, so slowly but surely I am getting all the footage I will need!

Learning outcomes: Global importance, Commitment and perseverance
Learner profiles: Caring, Reflective, Principled

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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