Creativity Over December Break

I like to think of myself as a creative person because I am artsy. I love art and I love creating things. Over the break, I have been spending more time surfing, with my family and friends, working a little bit, doing some homework and cleaning out my clutters, so I haven’t had/spent much time on arts and crafts. For Christmas this year, my dad said he wanted to get me a new surfboard, but that I was surfing really well with the one I currently have, so he wants to wait a little bit. It’s not easy to find your magic board and I am pretty happy with my current one but I admit I am excited to get a new one that is more high performance so I can improve my skills. Since I wasn’t getting a new board, I decided to give my own a makeover. For months, if not over a year, I have had a piece of paper with cute animal doodles sitting in my drawer, waiting for this day, when I’d finally decide to decorate my board. Since I don’t have paint pens, I couldn’t really do much, but I used a permanent marker and simply tried recreating the doodles I had on my paper; no pencil first, no sketches first, I just went for it. I cleaned my board with rubbing alcohol to draw on a clean surface, and I didn’t think about it too much. I was happy with my results, I think they look cute, and either way they will eventually wash off or I’ll get a new board so it’s not all that permanent. I have always loved the ocean and the diversity of it, so I thought these marine animal doodles were not only adorable, but also represented part of who I am and how important the ocean really is for me. This connects back to my CAS project because I am so enthusiastic about the environment! I am excited to enjoy the rest of my vacation with my artsy board and hopefully spend more time painting or coloring!

Learning outcomes: New challenges and new skills
Learner profiles: Risk-taker, Open minded, Reflective

Created By: Rochelle, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Save the mangrove

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