Journal Entry#1: Future Plans!

Unfortunately, this winter break, I will not be in the country so I won’t be able to take care of the
youth center or plan any upcoming events which isn’t so effective but I have found ways to still stay in touch with the people that are managing the center and find ways to still provide the youth center with necessities. Mid december we have decided to plan a hawaiian themed party at the youth center, we have decided to do this not just because it’s a fun and creative idea but in december it’s high season in Tamarindo, this type of event will allure tourists into participating and joining this event while they are staying in town. I will be in charge of making banners and providing advertisements for the event because it’s extremely important for tourists to be aware that not only there’s an upcoming event but that there’s a youth center in the community, and if families have younger kids and the adults want to have a night out without their kids, their kids can always have the opportunity to come to our youth center and have an enjoyable rather than staying home alone with a babysitter. Tourists are the audience we should be targeting for, specially in high season, this is the first time and will be a huge opportunity for the youth center to be the best it can be because it is high season with the most amount of people. I want to project the type of advertisement that will attract tourists such as eye catching banners, constant advertisements, etc…
Future/Upcoming Events/Ideas:
December 1 – ping pong tournament
December 22 – Luau party
January 26 – BINGO night
February 16 – FIFA tournament
** Other ideas:
Dart tournament
Board games / card night
Movie night

During this vacation, I will be in charge of brainstorming ideas for upcoming events as well as plan and organize how these future events will turn out, we already have 3 solid upcoming events which are the Luau party on december 22nd, Bingo Night on January 26th and finally a FIFA tournament on February 16th. I will be making banners and flyers during this break and find ways on how these events will be organized, and when I have decided on what specific ideas I have for planning these events, once I get back, I will meet with the team members of the youth center and propose my ideas and plan what comes next. As I am creating these banners, I’m expanding my creative side and learning on how to allure the audience: Marketing. I’m not only growing as an individual but I am expanding my knowledge in the business aspect specifically marketing, I’m educating myself and learning about different marketing strategies as I am in charge to creating marketing banners,what statements should be said to allure our targeted audience, what colours catches the eye of our customers, etc… Even though this is a small job I’m in charge of doing this break, I still find ways to learn from this job, there are learning outcomes to every little thing we do in our daily lives, and by making mistakes in your job, you learn from them and become even more successful.

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