Journal Entry#3: Activity

This winter break, I decided to focus on projecting a more positive attitude and not let the way I feel emotionally or let my academic or social issues affect the people surrounding me daily because it isn’t fair to them to have my own personal concerns ruin their day. This break, there was a specific moment where I got into a big fight with my best friend, at a point where it could have been the end of our friendship and that affected me in so many ways, but because I decided to have the mindset of not letting my own personal concerns get to the people that surround me constantly, I didn’t let that happen. This winter break, the only people I was with was my family: my mom, my dad and my little sister. These four people have had taught me how to grow, how to mature and how to feel confident when I feel insecure. Every day, they tell me how bright I am internally and externally, and they don’t make those comments to make me feel better about myself they say it because they mean it, they say from their heart; those are the type of people I want to surround myself with, the type of people that mean things from their heart. Why should I reflect my negative personal issues on these type of people, they don’t deserve any negativity but love and gratitude from me. I was never this way back in the first trimester, I was insensitive and rude when I wasn’t happy or when I had issues of my own, and this wasn’t courteous or candid from my side; during this break, I decided to change that and grow apart from those partial habits of mine. This is not only one selfless positive thing that I did the people surrounding me but it’s something that has also made me thrive and widen my individuality which will then reflect on others and create more of a positive environment.

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