Creativity Over The Winter Break

Over the winter break, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my future and how I want to spend it, particularly in relation to college. I am super interested in something related to the visual arts, as that is something that I find very interesting, however, I’ve never had a chance to really try metal or leather working. That changed this vacation, as I had the opportunity to create art with a family friend. I only had around an hour or so, but it was an amazing experience. I ended up creating a copy of key to all of the US Forest Reserve locks and a keychain out of copper for the key. I also heated, cut, and then stamped keychains for my parents and sister. This for me was a very therapeutic experience that taught me a lot, and allowed me to express my creativity in a productive way. Photos of both my keychain + key, and one of the other ones that I made will be attached.

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