When a person thinks of creativity, the first thing that comes to mind is painting or drawing. But I don’t enjoy drawing as a pastime. Instead, I prefer baking and cooking.
In our household, we have a Christmas tradition of making Medovnicky every Christmas, and we do it together, as a family. In the past, my mom would make the dough, since my brother and I didn’t care for cooking or baking and didn’t know how to use the machines, but this year, I make the dough with my mom.
We also had some new tools to help us, making it even easier and more enjoyable. We got dough hooks, for our the mixer we have here in Costa Rica, as this is a very thick dough, and we got a rolling pin that has measurements, allowing you to roll out the dough to the exact thickness you want.
It also brings us together, as we are all in the same kitchen, together, making something that we all love and enjoy.
These cookies need to be cut out, for which we have cookie cutters, which we use creatively to use up as much of the dough as we can in one roll out, so that we don’t have to re-roll them out too much. As well as choosing shapes we like, and creatively prefer.

I also make something that was outside my comfort zone that challenged me ravioli. I never made ravioli before, and therefore had to use my creativity to figure out the best way to make them. My uncle taught me how to make them in Slovakia, but that was a long time ago and I didn’t remember the exact steps, therefore I had to improvise.
So I used my creativity to figure out the best way to make them, to fill them with the filling, to put sandwich the two pieces of pasta dough together, to find the best thickness of dough. It was fun and we all enjoyed the “fruit” of the labor.

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