What Do We Have Planned For The Upcoming Trimester?

For this trimester, Rochelle and I have chosen to take a different approach for the project. As we wait for the mangroves planted in our nursery to grow, we decided to focus on expanding the scope of our project, instead of our previous hands-on only work.

The spotlight of our CAS experience during the next few months will be our involvement with La Paz’s CGLO experience, where students of different ages can come together to learn something new. In this case, we will be teaching the 5th graders about the importance of Mangroves for both the local community and on the global scale, in an attempt to re-educate the community’s youth to be able to help the Mangrove in the future.

We have established our research and have begun planning activities, one of which will be an excursion to the Mangrove; to show both the beauty of this biome and the amount of work we have put into it so far. I have high expectations for this endeavour, as I know the 5th grade class is incredibly driven and capable, and I look forward to learning something from them too…

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