What Activities Have I Done This Vacation?

Now, once I saw the prompt for this journal entry, it caught me off guard. What ?? I doing? I went back to my hometown (or homecity) to visit my family and friends, and then said friends came with me to Costa Rica. I haven’t really ???? anything…

Does that speak to me as a person? Is there some greater meaning that I can milk from this so I can “complete” this assignment? Not really. But one paragraph isn’t enough for a journal entry, so I must. The reason I haven’t committed to any activities is because I’m too “busy”. The thing is, I don’t see my friends for a whole year, and two weeks is not nearly enough to really douse my “saudade” (that’s Portuguese for the feeling of missing someone, not really a word in English).

Wait, is socialising an activity? If so, i’ve been doing a bunch of it. I guess it counts. My mind instantly went to physical activities, because of the nature of our community; with all the surfing, hiking climbing e.t.c that come with living in the beach. But I guess it does count. And with that being the case, I’d say this is something I’m good at; talking to people, interacting, giving advice and all. Maybe if I can apply this to my career, or even my CAS Project, I can really make a difference. I don’t know honestly. I haven’t really done much…

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