On September 22nd, 2018 I bought a game called Enter the Gungeon. It is “a bullet hell dungeon crawler” in which you fight past 5 levels of increasingly difficult enemies and bosses, to access the Gun that can Kill the Past. You have a choice of 4 starting characters and 2 secret unlock-able characters, all of which have a past that needs to be killed.
I play this game a lot, and it can be seen as I get progressively better and better. When I first got the game, the only floors that I could get through with no problem were the first two, and that was only if I got a specific boss that I knew I could beat. I could hardly ever beat the Third floor and got past the Fourth floor only once or twice.
But soon, I started learning the enemy patterns, I learned how often and where normal enemies attacked. I learned the attack patterns of the bosses. I learned how to weave between the bullets that were fired at me. I started beating almost all of the bosses flawlessly almost all the time.
Now, I get to the Fifth floor every run, unless I’m trying to do a secret room, and beat the boss of the Fifth floor every time. I have helped each and every character beat their past. I have completed all of the challenge runs. And I have completed almost all of the achievements, with only two remaining.

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