Activity Over Christmas Break

In most of my over break journal entries I most of the time write about dance because that is one of my biggest passions and I am doing it constantly; considering I dance 4 days out of the week 3-4 hours a day and around this time of the year is when we have “dance break” along with some time during summer. But we actually had the studio’s dance recital the weekend before this christmas break. I was planning on writing about dance for my activity journal entry and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to, yet dance kept going after the recital until december 17th. I posted a picture of my last dance class of 2018 and it was also Miss Sarah’s which was my jazz/hip hop/technique teacher who unfortunately left back to the states but s ommin back soon!. I am looking forward to when they announce when we are getting back to dance because although I enjoy a little break and some resting I do love dancing. My schedule with school and dance is a little tight but I love going to dance right after school because it distresses me for a little and helps me get distracted before i get home to a lot of homework that I hopefully didn’t leave for last minute because if I did, then that just becomes madness and gets me really stressed and all the work I did at dance ges to nothing; so leaving homework to accumulate is something that I really try not to do. Overall I am looking forward to 2019 a year for me to better my dance skills and maybe dance one less class or a couple hours less a week, because my bachi exams are coming soon and I need time to study A LOT for those.

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