Creativity Over Christmas Break

Over this christmas I did a lot that could be considered that involved creativity. I did something related to my project even though it didn’t have to be but I will mention mor about that on my project related entry. Basically I sketched out some of the designs so that Marlen which is the tailor that is helping me can understand better the design as well as just having everything more detailed and with better descriptions. Other than that I cooked a lot, helped my mom and family wrap christmas presents. Over break my second beautiful baby brother was born: Saul (who also had a mini photoshoot but a family friend did it) and my mom was in the hospital for 5 days; which meant I had to take care of my other 2 year old brother along with my grandma and dad, I was basically his mom for a week it was pretty fun but also exhausting: I hd to give him a bath, feed him, change his diaper and dress him. My dad decided to take us to see the bull rides and I decided to have a little photoshoot of him because the lighting was really good and his outfit (which I picked out, fashionista over here) was really cute so I took a couple pictures with my dads phone because it has a really good camera andI loved how they came out.

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