I don’t have many concrete goals at the moment because I am in between projects. I finished with the CEPIA christmas party and it is now time for me to choose how to move forward. I can chose to d o large project such as contacting a university that would help me create a machine that could stuff eco bricks and then contacting grocery stores to have the machines in store in order to reduce their waste. My smaller project could be helping my peers or helping more CEPIA families. Either way my goal is to do at least one concrete thing for my project each week whether it is writing a business plan, visiting a families home, writing an email or signing a paper. I want to ensure a constant flow of CAS. I will create a more concrete schedule and step by step plan to keep me in line once I decide what project I want to take part in. I am a little stressed that I will make the wrong choice and regret it when it is too late to change. So this week my concrete activity for CAS will be to make a list of pros and cons related to each project idea that I have. Hopefully after doing so and having some time to think I will figure out what to do and I will be able to create my schedule and make commitments that I will fulfil or I will have personal consequences. CAS is all about learning, reflecting and developing and that is what I will be focusing on this week. I also am going to try to finish my video in order to completely wrap up my CEPIA project.

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