My Goals For Trimester 2

This trimester, I would like to hopefully finish phase I of my project. This means getting the website fully up and running, and it taking the place of the previous website. For this to happen I need to finish the checklist that I’ve been given by Laetitia, meet with her, and get her approval to change from the free plan to a paid one. Then I need to work on the video that will teach anyone at CEPIA how to use the website properly, which includes editing the pages, changing the theme among other things. The reason I need to do this is because I will graduate eventually, and can’t keep the website up to date for them, so they need to learn how. Once I’ve done all of this, I can work on fundraising for CEPIA to pay for the website. $4 a month isn’t a lot, but it does add up, and giving them enough money for a couple of years is the least I can do. Even if I only raise $200, that’s enough money for 4 years. The way that I plan to complete these goals is by working on the website in and out of class, and maintaining a steady stream of communication with Laetitia. If I don’t meet these goals then I really need to take a step back and consider what I’ve been doing with my time, because I’m 90% done with my checklist, and only need a couple more hours. (In my opinion.)

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